We are a comprehensive marketing agency focused on providing strategic and creative solutions to build, develop or position your brand or project.


Our job is to develop unforgettable content and experiences that allow your brand to identify areas of opportunity to impact the market in an accurate manner. We facilitate the best strategic alliances and business relationships for your brand.

Impressive visual experiences for our clients and their audience / scenic architecture / the best technology in screens, audio and lighting / graphic content / creative solutions / production / logistics / BTL content.


We assemble high impact ideas that we turn into key pieces to achieve your goals, always exceeding your expectations.

The images create our universe, teach us to love, laugh or cry. The audiovisual medium is the most forceful form of communication of our species. Grailroad Media is a production company dedicated to the creation and production of exclusive and original audiovisual content, which breaks with traditional schemes. We seek to transcend and explore new spaces within the visual abyss of this world.


We are one of the fastest growing independent labels, we offer consulting service to emerging artists to boost their career nationally and internationally.

At Light Channel Media we strongly believe that advertising has no limits. We are looking for new ways to make brands reach the desired audience in innovative and intelligent ways. We convert articles that are daily but that are fundamental in our daily life in opportunities for communication and projection

Media agency, offers consulting services, campaign management, detailed response measurement and other variables to launch a creative process in a medium and media.

Atención y Servicio / Customer Service

(+52) 5292-5835


Rómulo O’Farril # 434 – 43 Colonia Olivar de los Padres, C.P. 01780, Ciudad de México, Delegación Álvaro Obregón


Atención y Servicio / Customer Service (+52) 5292-5835

(+52) 1718-0377

Agustín M. Chavez # 1,

PH - 301, Santa Fe,

C.P. 01210,

Ciudad de México.

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