Spaces that do not exist in nature, creations that seem impossible, structures that impress people for life, that is our business.

We turn dreams into reality. We make the shows really amazing, that they play with the rules of what we think possible.

You imagine it, we built it

Potential entertainment and the commercial impact of artists and the most important and relevant international brands.
We are consolidated as one of the most important companies in rental services in Latin America with a presence in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and the United States. Proud to be the company with the best market share of Mexican television.

HAPA ENTERTAINMENT is a company that, in addition to being an international producer and distributor specialized in creating world movies, maintains an arts school.


Some of the co productions that are currently included include partnerships with companies in the United States, Mexico, Spain, Bolivia, Chile, Germany and France.

We are a GRUPO SANGREAL company with more than 26 years of experience, dedicated to the entertainment industry, specialized in the management and hiring of Artists, as well as coordinating and conducting the production of any type of artistic event.

Atención y Servicio / Customer Service

(+52) 5292-5835


Rómulo O’Farril # 434 – 43 Colonia Olivar de los Padres, C.P. 01780, Ciudad de México, Delegación Álvaro Obregón

Atención y Servicio / Customer Service (+52) 5292-5835

(+52) 1718-0377

Agustín M. Chavez # 1,

PH - 301, Santa Fe,

C.P. 01210,

Ciudad de México.

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